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Inclusionary Zoning / Affordable Dwelling Units (ADU)

Inclusionary zoning in Washington D.C. mandates that a certain percentage of residential units within every new development or substantial rehab project be set aside and sold as below-market, affordable units. In exchange, developers receive additional bonus density in their projects (additional units) than they would otherwise be approved for.

Any new project with 10 or more housing units is required to offer units. Rehabs or conversions that expand existing structures by 50% and add 10 or more units must also participate.  This is a great way to get a brand-new home at far less than the market price.

Program Eligibility

Eligibility to purchase units is tied to your income level. The program uses DC Metropolitan Area Median Income (AMI) published by HUD for families of 4 and adjusted for different size households. There is a procedure and process to qualification that must be followed exactly.

We take the mystery out of affordable unit eligibility

Interested in purchasing a below market priced unit in a new building? We can help. Our group handles the sales and marketing of a number of new condominium and conversion projects that fall under Inclusionary Zoning guidelines. Our agents will help determine your eligibility and can share valuable insights! Get help now!

Just getting started and want to learn more quickly and easily? Attend one of our Free Workshops (Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings) and ask about affordable units!
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