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There has been big news in the world of real estate lead generation. has plans to no longer offer their lead generation platform that many realtors and brokers rely upon for leads and prospects. The real estate giant will be replacing their current leadgen system with an outsourced service by Opcity, a lead generation start-up acquired by’s parent company in 2018.’s service for realtors was a traditional lead generation model – passes out exclusive contacts and leads that participating agents chase and convert on their own. During the aquisition of Opcity last year, users were told that’s traditional service would still be offered as well as an additional enhanced service offered by Opcity with warmer, verified leads connected directly to agents.

It looks like that plan will not be followed. Brokers and team leaders in various markets are in a panic due to receiving recent notifications that several markets will now only offer the Opcity service, a service that carries a 35% referral fee. This is a radical departure from the company’s successful advertising-spend based lead generation service that produced solid results for user-controlled, fixed amounts of money.

Opcity is an Austin, Texas based lead generation company. There is a full spectrum of positive and negative reviews on conversion rates and effectiveness of the service from prior broker and agent users of the service.

“Things can change in the blink of an eye when you’re relying upon outside entities for huge sources of your leads. These are gigantic corporations with their own goals, objectives and Boards of Directors in control,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “Zillow has made similar moves that cause panic across the real estate industry.”

There are alternative sources of leads available on a local level. “The high referral fee is why teams that relied on are in a panic,” continued DiRuggiero. “A large number of team leaders can’t absorb that kind of referral fee in their current financial arrangements with their brokers, and feel pinched because their team members are relying upon them for a volume of leads. We want to tell you, there are alternatives.”

In the DC area and Baltimore markets, you can get leads from your broker. “UrbanLand Company has been running our own in-house Agent Leads Generation Program for years and our agents have directly closed over $51 million in sales from our in-house brokerage leads,” commented DiRuggiero. “We evolve the program continously to meet the needs of UrbanLand Company agents and are equipped to integrate existing teams into our program.”

Call/text 202.517.6950 or email us about our Agent Leads Generation Program

Our leads have no upfront cost, have a much lower referral fee for most of our levels of leads, and our brokerage itself has expert back office support covering all categories of DC region real estate. We have in-house legal and have sold over $525 million of local real estate for consumers, developers and investors.

What’s the Agent Leads Generation Program? Our marketing team generates and centrally manages a pipeline of potential homebuyer & seller leads that we’ve met in our Workshops program and through other marketing channels for the brokerage. On the homebuyer side, our marketing team nurtures & warms up our leads until they are in prospect mode & ready to really work with one of our agents on actual home search & purchase. The process is similar for property owners and potential sellers. Here’s more on what to expect:

We’re Recruiting Realtors! Grow Your Business With UrbanLand Company.

Call/text 202.517.6950 or email us to find out more about what we do for our agents. “If you’re an agent, available close to full time, and have a real desire to increase your volume, we can help,” continued Gerard. “Our agent exposure program includes getting you involved in our popular homebuyer & seller workshops, our private appointments, new construction & other listings, and gets you started on proper farming and sphere of influence building.”

The Agent Leads Generation Program is a great way to add 20-30% to your current volume. Here’s our other brokerage benefits.

  • No Desk Fees
  • No Legal Defense Fees
  • Exclusive Buyer & Seller Leads with NO Upfront Costs
  • Workshops & Farming Program
  • Modular Training
  • Let us Build & Grow your business!

UrbanLand Company has just finished up a year of major self-funded growth including the opening of 2 new flagship Realtor offices – we’re now a permanent part of NE DC’s booming Trinidad/H Street Corridor and Baltimore’s red-hot Hampden commercial neighborhood. Changes It's Lead Generation Service - How It Affects Teams & Brokers Changes It's Lead Generation Service - How It Affects Teams & Brokers

“We designed all of our offices with building our UrbanLand Company agents’ business in mind,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “Our office concept is built around flexible space any of our agents can use while out & about doing daily real estate while also creating crowd-friendly venues that serve our Workshops program & agent sphere of influence events. It makes for a modern, dynamic combination with a lot of value for agents.”

2019 is the 16th year of brokerage operations for UrbanLand Company in DC/MD/VA, and we did more than just “go regional” with our offices. The brokerage reached $525 million in overall transactions threshold and also reached $50 million in closed sales for our agents directly resulting from internally generated leads. We tripled the size of our free Workshops program, converted our realtor training into a very efficient, modular format, and welcomed a large group of incoming agent transfers.

Text us at 202.517.6950 or email us for more info on our agent support & business building program.

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