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Union Market Wholesale Businesses Under Heavy Solicitation by Prince George's County

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Union Market Wholesale Businesses Under Heavy Solicitation by Prince George’s County

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Here’s on update on our ongoing Focus on Prince George’s that ties in well with what’s happening in DC.

With Union Market undergoing massive redevelopment and with the area immediately around it saturated with new project announcements, something has to happen to all of the wholesale and industrial businesses long located there.  They won’t be shutting down, but they’ll definitely be relocating at some point in the future.


Prince George’s County officials feel that the County is the right destination. County economic development officials are currently pitching more than a dozen different business owners in Union Market itself. The County is offering up low cost loans, cash grants and even per-employee tax breaks as part of their “Prince George’s County Wants You” campaign.

It’s a mix of food, restaurant supply, general wholesalers, carryout restaurants, cellphone repair shops and other light industrial businesses that are part of the Florida Avenue Market.  A few have already relocated to places like Landover.

Prince George’s County is making a big push as part of their continued drive to boost the local economy. Warehouse and industrial space leases at a fraction of what space costs in the NoMa / Union Market area. “These moves will in the long-term benefit these businesses. Some of these local companies feed off each other – let’s hope the County can make clustered space available and attractive to these new tenants,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company.

The Prince George’s County housing market continues to improve. Here’s a

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