ULC Agent Deirdre Brown Elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC 3F) In Cleveland Park

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Here’s recognition for an UrbanLand Company agent that goes way beyond getting a nice Thank You from a buyer. ULC Agent Deirdre Brown, an active real estate agent with our firm, was recently sworn in as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) for Ward 3. Ward 3 includes American University Park, Klingle, Cathedral Heights, Chevy Chase, Cleveland Park, Forest Hills, Foxhall, Friendship Heights, Glover Park, and Woodley Park. She will be serving a 2 year term as Commissioner for district 3F04.

What’s an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC)? An ANC is a non-partisan, neighborhood body made up of locally elected representatives called Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners. They are a unique feature of the District’s Home Rule Charter. The Commissioners serve two year terms with no pay and are there to “bring government closer to the people, and to bring people closer to government.”

The ANCs’ main job is to be their neighborhood’s official voice in advising the District government (and Federal agencies) on things (zoning, streets, recreation, education, social services, sanitation, etc.) that affect their neighborhoods. District agencies are required to give the ANCs’ recommendations “great weight.”

Congrats to Deirdre Brown on her election as ANC in her section of upper NW!

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