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Building Agents’ Business: License Transfers Generate Momentum

Building Agents' Business: License Transfers Generate Momentum

Our ongoing series on Building Agents’ Business in the highly competitive DC area real estate market continues. A recent round of incoming realtor transfers to UrbanLand Company is the perfect time to talk about how to capitalize on major real estate career events like transferring your licenses and business.

“There is a traditional way to announce a brokerage move…and then there are more strategic ways that give you a burst of the right type of Realtor exposure,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We use our full arsenal of brokerage marketing initiatives to get new transfers exposure to immediate opportunities; it is a far more aggressive approach than simply announcing your transfer to your social media and current prospects. ”

We feel our recruiting and interview process goes a little deeper than most brokerages. “The broker, operations manager and our leads program interview every potential transfer personally. Besides showcasing tangible things we can do to help grow an agent, we look carefully at agents’ individual strengths while we are getting to know them,” said Gerard.

“We’re in the middle of starting up two skilled and experienced agent transfers to our brokerage. In this case, here’s how we get them off to a great start.”

Rapid Start-Up Training

Proper training is essential…but training should NOT be a barrier to entry into brokerage activities and potential sales. Experienced agents complete a simple brokerage orientation and fast training sessions for our public real estate Workshops, Open Houses & Farming.

Agent Social Media

How you announce a move to another brokerage can bring you lots of attention! “Your sphere and others connected to you love to see your name and face pop up with important announcements,” said Gerard. “We show you how to get the maximum social media mileage out of your move to us.”

Handpicked Leads & Appointments

UrbanLand Company’s Agent Leads Generation Program has been running since 2013…and has produced over $50 million in direct closings from our leads for our agents. “We’re proud to maintain 1 of the few lead programs in the area with a real, active leads program that produces tangible opportunities at no upfront cost to the agent. Lots of agencies give you the tools to handle your leads, we provide both the tools & actual leads to you!”

Workshops, Open Houses & More

All of our active agents get exposure in our Workshops, Open Houses & other initiatives. We handpick immediate opportunities where new transfers get a chance to excel and build momentum and prospects quickly. “You are participating very quickly in leadership roles in our various public Workshops based on your schedule and availability. We sponsor over 300 events per year in DC, Baltimore and various suburban pop-up locations. Selling through education builds pipeline,” commented Gerard.

Building Agents' Business: License Transfers Generate Momentum

Our Open Houses program puts you into quick Open Houses in premium listings in great neighborhoods. “We are firm believers in the Open House as a lead generator for hosting agents. Decades of Open Houses in high population areas has taught us what to expect at an Open, who you are going to meet based on the price point, and how to quickly identify those who are buyer and neighborhood seller prospects,” said DiRuggiero.

Farming & Grass Roots Outreach

Building a listings business starts on day one with us. “We’re extremely helpful in building your listings business or tweaking your current activities as a regular listings agent,” said Gerard. “Farming, door knocking, a blind CMA program and other initiatives are available to you for ongoing grass roots outreach. Consistency & continuity of messaging pays off in a big way.”


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UrbanLand Company Real Estate Brokerage was founded in 2003 in NW DC and has now sold over $535,000,000 in DC area real estate from over 1,500 transactions. We have regional realtor offices in NE DC’s H Street Corridor and Baltimore City’s Hampden commercial neighborhood.

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