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Buyer Workshops: ULC Agent Errica Poindexter Sold This Randle Heights Townhome for $309,000

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Randle Heights Rowhomes Delivering Value-Packed Purchases

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We’re calling special attention to Randle Heights in SE for lots of transaction activity from UrbanLand Company Agents with first time home buyers.

“Our agents touch a large number of first time home buyers due to our mastery of local financing programs, and Randle Heights is becoming a regular stop on our home tours,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We’ve got 2 recent sales in the neighborhood at around the same price point plus a solar-equipped townhome listing from agent Terence King that just recently went under contract.”

Two recent sales around the $300,000 price point for large, nicely equipped row homes is great news for Randle Heights as a first time buyer neighborhood! If you need help with financing and mortgages, or want to start looking in Randle Heights now with an UrbanLand Company agent, let us know!

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