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Don’t Be Afraid of the Home Inspection When Selling Your Home

No home that has been lived in previously will be in perfect condition unless it is coming off of a fresh full renovation. A pre-closing home inspection at the request of the home buyer is a normal part of the transaction process. The inspection can be a high stress and high anxiety portion of the real estate transaction process for both the seller and the home buyer.

“The home inspection is a good thing for both parties, and doesn’t have to be a strain on either. It’s important you understand the real role of the inspection and how to navigate the process as a seller.”

Gerard DiRuggiero

The home inspection, even though it is usually requested and paid for by the buyer, is also protection for the seller. Think of it this way. Home inspections that uncover surprise problems before closing makes you that much LESS likely to be sued over the problem later on. If issues are found and you agree to mitigate issues or make repairs, you often receive a waiver of liability for future problems in exchange for your work. Home inspection results for the seller are a way to eliminate later nasty legal surprises.

Don’t immediately panic if less than stellar results or defined repair issues come back in the inspection report. Even if you’re surprised by items on the list, do not reach out to the buyer about issues until they have presented you with a request for repairs or a price reduction. Many properly coached buyers already expect their newly purchased home to require some work or repairs. It’s all about compromise here, and remember, their agent wants your home to sell just as much as you and your agent do.

This is just two of the many things we talk about in our “Don’t Be Afraid of the Home Inspection” Seller Workshops. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, knowledge is power! Join us to learn other details of the inspection process. how to prepare for the inspection before you even put your home up for sale, and what to expect from your own real estate agent during the inspection process. This Workshop is available on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm and Saturday mornings at 10am. Please RSVP to let us know you’re coming in advance!

UrbanLand Company is a locally owned real estate brokerage with offices at 913 Florida Ave. NW in Shaw. Since 2003, the company and it’s agents have sold over 1,380 homes in the DC metro area.

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