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Offseason Homebuying Strategies Workshop – 7/06/2019

Spread the word! Our Workshops are free & produce successes!

It’s a fact. The DC area real estate market has a little less competition during the dead of Summer & Winter. This is the perfect time for First Time Homebuyers or first time investors to succeed in their first purchase.

Our free Workshop series has produced over $50 million in successful first time buyer home purchases in DC, Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties. This is an advanced Getting Started Workshop that helps you choose the right financing, get quickly Pre-Qualified, and out into the market pursuing great offseason deals. 

Here’s some of our topics in the Workshop:

  • Financing & mortgage purchasing power

  • $0 Down Grants, downpayment assistance loans & fixer upper / renovation programs.

  • Move Now & investor friendly neighborhoods

  • Purchase & negotation

  • Agent-Directed home search – we work for you while you’re at work

  • Closing Costs credits

  • Purchase process & settlement

Offseason Homebuying Strategies is an advanced home buyer workshop for homeshoppers who want to follow a managed track to a successful home purchase. We are full-time Realtors with our own dedicated first time buyer education series. 

Can't Make It For The Workshop?

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