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In NE DC: Buying Prince George’s County – Homebuyer Workshop – 8/25/2019

Spread the word! Our Workshops are free & produce successes!

This Workshop is for those in DC wanting to buy in MD for the lower prices….or for Prince George’s Co. residents who want advanced strategic homebuying help in the county! Call/text 202.335.2201 if you can’t make it in & want guidance.

Prince George’s County represents a prime opportunity for first-time home buyers of all price ranges! Housing prices dropped dramatically here during the 2008 housing crisis and still have not fully rebounded. There are reasonably priced condos, townhomes and single family homes that represent great investments.

We’ve been teaching first time buyers in our Free Workshops how to take advantage of Maryland and DC’s built-in home buyer assistance mortgages since 2013. We’ve now helped (and represented as realtors) over 200 area first time buyers successfully using local down payment assistance mortgages.

Here’s some of the topics we discuss:

  • Down Payment Assistance

  • Upper & renovation loans

  • 1% Down Payment Loan Options

  • 0% Down Payment Loan Options

Successful home purchases by attendees of our Home Buyer Workshops are below. We are are the savvy pathway to ownership for savvy DC / MD first time home buyers!

Can't Make It For The Workshop?

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