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After-Work Workshop: Home & Condo Buyers for DC & MD

Spread the word! Our Workshops are free & produce successes!

UrbanLand Workshops have become a fast track to first time homeownership in DC / MD / VA! Our Workshop agents have represented 1st time home buyers with over $49 million in local home sales since 2014. 

Mortgage interest rates have increased in 2018 & forecasts call for a chance of further interest rate increases this year. The local real estate market is busy and you need tools & knowledge as a 1st time buyer to succeed! 

Our popular Free Buyer Workshop also discusses the different Down Payment options available for local DC/MD/VA buyers. We’ll be discussing $0 Down loans, 3.5% FHA loans and traditional down payment options of up to 20%., and the effects each have on your Monthly Mortgage Payment amounts.

Can't Make It For The Workshop?

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