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After-Work Workshop: Baltimore Rowhome Finders – 6/11/2019

Spread the word! Our Workshops are free & produce successes!

Text any Workshop questions to 410.593.1399. If you can’t make it, but still want free help & guidance, don’t be shy about reaching out. 

Did you know there is a steady stream of fully renovated, ready to move-in rowhomes in beautiful condition available in many cool Baltimore City neighborhoods? It’s a limited number of homes at any given time, but our First Time Buyer Workshops team knows where to look. Best of all, most of these rowhomes can be bought for $0 Down Payment.

This Buy Baltimore Workshop for home buyers is in our Hampden Workshop Space and gives you an intro to housing prices and buying programs available in Baltimore City. Various programs give you either first time buyer incentives or the ability to buy a fixer upper and role the renovation costs into the mortgage.

If you’re a local Realtor and curious about participating in our Workshops, call/text 410.593.1399.

Here’s some of the topics we discuss:

  • Baltimore price trends

  • ‘Investment Grade’ Baltimore neighborhoods

  • Sample city rowhomes & condos

  • 0% Down Payment Grants

  • City Buyer Programs

  • Fixer Upper & Renovation loan programs

Our guidance and expertise with financing programs has resulted in over $51 million in homes purchased by our Workshop attendees. That is all people that  our Workshop Presenters & Real Estate Agents took through the pathway to ownership!

We meet multiple times weekly, all sessions are free of charge, and if you can’t meet on Tuesday or Saturday, just give us a call at 410.593.1399!

Can't Make It For The Workshop?

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