Focus on Eckington

Welcome to our real estate market data and lifestyle information pages for Eckington. We include information on the last 60 days of homes that were recently sold in Eckington. Free neighborhood real estate market data for Eckington as well as other important lifestyle information are available in the tabs below. If you own a home in Eckington, you can also find out what your home is worth instantly. These are accurate current statistics provided by a national database; we will contact you to show you what other factors can affect the true final selling price of your home.
Thinking about selling your home or buying a home in Eckington? Don’t let this important process be handled by an inexperienced real estate agent. UrbanLand Company agents have sold over 1,550 homes in the DC/MD/VA area. We are full service real estate professionals who guide you through the complicated nature of the local real estate market. If you’re just getting started on finding your first home, make sure you check out our Free Home Buyer Workshops program. We run free sessions twice weekly (and sometimes more often).

You can get your home’s current value from our local database instantly.
We call and follow up with every home valuation request. There’s several variables “beyond the database” that affect the true final selling price of your home. We’re happy to explain the intangibles and how we would sell your specific home.

Open Houses & Signage

Fundamentals matter and the details count. We hold Open Houses for the first 5 weeks on every new listing we represent. Our social media, marketing & other technology does a great job for exposure, but NOTHING beats the in-person data you get from consecutive Open Houses with the public.

Social Media

We’ve got a great local real estate audience that includes over 8,500 [facebooklink] fans, a growing group of active [twitterlink] & [instagramlink] followers and a stream of in-person Home Buyer Workshop attendees who may want to buy your home! No other brokerage runs more consistent outreach with the home buying public!  Check out our events resume.

Strategic Market Pricing

There are differences between your home’s data-based value, the listing price it should be marketed at, and the final price the real world will pay. Check your home’s value instantly here, or request a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) request for your address and we’ll get to work on a detailed view of what to expect when you sell!

Expert Representation

We are full service agents that pay careful attention throughout the listing, marketing, negotiation and transaction process. Unless you need to sell your home in a hurry for a major discount off its value, there’s no need to turn to a discount brokerage. We offer an online Sell Your Home Rebate that puts money back in your pocket after settlement!

Free Home Staging

We have a variety of resources that can stage your home. Free Home Staging is available to qualified properties. There’s a number of simple things we use to determine eligibility. Ask us if your home is a qualifying property!

Website / Email Marketing

Selling your home strategically involves way more than just the MLS property database. Our real estate websites and email newsletter have been going strong since 2003, and is a valuable tool in our sales arsenal. Join the list and see what we’re up to!

We are experienced listing agents who know what it takes to list, market & sell your home for its maximum value. We offer a full-service package of ULC Seller Services that create an easy, painless and rewarding selling process for you.