Here's what you really want to know about us...

"We’re a nimble, savvy, creative brokerage combining extensive real estate knowledge and experience with hustle, street smarts and a passion for driving deals to completion."

We offer a different and much more complete knowledge of real estate that goes far beyond what most agents offer. Real estate is all about value, value, value whether you're buying, selling or developing a multi-unit property. There's a number of ways we maximize value on your behalf.

If you're selling, it all starts with an innate understanding of zoning and how it applies to the property. You, as the seller or buyer, need to know what can be done with the property now and in the future, as well as what may happen in the surrounding neighborhood and area. This includes increasing the square footage, adding an included rental unit, or even converting the property into a multi-unit condominium. There's a ton of possibilities for increased value if you're working with a group that knows zoning inside and out.

We also position and stage the home to maximize the presentation as a core part of our comprehensive marketing and promotional plans. Some of our strategic tactics include weekly Open Houses for the first 5 weeks of every listing in order to capture data from those who are in the market, aggressive use of social media and brightly colored, comprehensive signage. We also maintain relationships with a variety of local general contractors, renovation experts, architects and other specialty consultants. You need full firepower and resources at your disposal if you want to gain the maximum returns when you sell! Check out our Seller Services for more info!

If you're buying a home, maximizing value also includes optimizing your financing to fit your goals and situation. This region offers a ton of innovative financing programs, 100% financing, down payment assistance, student loan incentive programs, and mortgages that offer special incentives to the military, police, government workers, and employees of certain local companies. You may not need special financing, but it helps to know the various options that are available to you as a homebuyer!

We are agents who teach you, guide you & succeed for you.

Knowledge and proper guidance is power when it comes to helping you make the right real estate decisions. Whether you're just getting started in the buying process, thinking about selling your home, or are an investor/developer looking for help with your next project, we're happy to help. Ask us a question or let's get together now to discuss your goals. Also check out our Free Workshops schedule.


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