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Pathway to Purchase Program For Prince George’s County

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We just checked in with Prince George’s County on their ongoing Pathway to Purchase special mortgage program — the news is good!

The best news is that the Program is alive and well and will continue to provide up to $10,000 in Down Payment Assistance or closing costs help when you buy a home under $307,000.

Other good things to know:

  • The homebuyer (you) has to contribute only 1.75% of the home’s purchase price as your part of starting the process. On a $200,000 home (and there are a lot of them in the County), your contribution is $3,500 + other closing costs and fees.
  • The up to $10,000 provided by the County DOES get paid back by you in the future. You have to live in the home for 10 years, and when you sell it, you pay back the $10,000 out of the sale of the home. It is interest-free and is “free money” in the sense that the county gives it to you tomorrow, and you hand it back to them 10+ years later with no interest due.
  • The Pathway to Program has a “big brother” that will become available after Labor Day. It’s called the Pathway to Program 2 and it makes more money available (up to $15,000). Get Started Here

You will need to be able to qualify for an FHA mortgage, conventional mortgage or a Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) loan and you need a real estate agent. You must be under certain income levels per year based on your household size in order to be eligible for Pathways to Purchase funding. Get the current limits now.


Want to get started with Down Payment Assistance in a live Free Workshop. UrbanLand Company agents provide free guidance in the sessions and can take you out to look at and actually buy a home using these loans! It’s easy to get started. Private appointments are available always or check out our various Workshop dates & locations below. The calendar is also available in real-time if you Facebook!

Again, here’s a summary on how the Pathway to Purchase works:

  • $10,000 in Down Payment & Closing Costs Assistance
  • Required buyer contribution of 1.75% of the purchase price of the home
  • Homes must be under $307,000 in purchased price
  • You must live in the home 10 years
  • There are income limits for eligibility. Get the current limits now.

More details are available here, plus you can Pre-Enroll to check your eligibility and ability to purchase a home in general, without a credit check!



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