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NW DC: Upcoming After-Work Edition Home Buyer Workshops

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Our After-Work Edition Home Buyer Workshops is an easy, casual way to get started on buying your first DC home or condo. “We’ve been running a free Workshop every Tuesday at 6pm in NW DC for 5 years now,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We start with an Executive Summary of the home buying process and show you how to use easily available low down payment financing to make a fast & efficient home purchase.” Why low down payment financing? Many buyers simply haven’t put away the $50,000 – $80,000 usually required to make an entry-level purchase in the city ($250K – $400K). That’s your typical 20% Down Payment that gets you a low interest rate and great loan terms. “Then there’s everyone else. If you haven’t saved that much, you look to low down payment programs. You can earn up to $140,000+ per year and DC will pay your down payment for you in the form of a grant,” continued DiRuggiero. “We invite you to come in After-Work.” Here’s the current calendar of upcoming Free Workshops. We’re here every Tuesday night at 6pm with a backup session every Saturday morning at 10am. We also meet privately most days, evenings & weekends if you make a request. You can also request an appointment or a phone orientation by texting 202.759.4114.
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