New Condo Listings

We handle new construction listings for a variety of projects that are available now or coming soon.  Choose from a variety of locations, price points and styles.  If you see a building you have an interest in, make sure you join the Priority Email Lists you find inside!

If you are moving up to a new condo from an existing home that you own, let us show you how we sell. You can save a lot when our Agents handle both your new purchase and the sale of your existing home!

We are expert condominium Buyer Agents due to over 25 years of local new construction experience helping both purchasers and developers. We also currently handle the listings and pre-sales for a flow of active and future new construction projects all over the area.

We often release information about upcoming projects via our popular email list, now active since 2003! For weekly condo and development news, make sure you join!

About Our New Condos

UrbanLand Company has sold over new construction units in the local area since 2003.

Our new condo listings often represent great opportunities for future appreciation as a homeowner.  Due to the scarcity of land and sites in the region for development, many of our developers choose sites in 'emerging neighborhoods' that are on the cusp of explosive growth.

We are not developers, builders or management companies for condominium properties. We are expert Buyer and Listings agents with a deep background in new construction.  

Are You a Developer?

Are you currently planning to or developing a new construction project?  Let's get together and discuss your project, goals and objectives. We know site acquisition, pre-planning, zoning, product development, pre-sales, release strategies and how to market your projects and listings in the modern world.

We have been retained several times as expert witnesses in front of the BZA on the behalf of developers, and are often retained to take over "problem listings." Give us a call at 202.769.5681

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We have a ton of knowledge on local popular buildings and projects that are available in the marketplace. It can be a challenge to find out real info when you're shopping for a new condo or new home. If you want to buy a new construction unit in the future, consider our New Construction Buyer Representation service.  Our agents will be happy to help you no matter what your timeline to actually buy.

A lot of local Realtors just handle the transactional aspects of your purchase. Our agents are full-service real estate professionals that are your strategic partners no matter what price point you are buying in   - this means we do a ton of the work for you, provide guidance and help you understand important decisions you'll have to make.  We get you pre-qualified for financing, preview properties and units for you, coordinate your mortgage, and handle the complicated negotiation & purchase process with area developers and builders. Our time and work is free until you successfully purchase a condo or home.