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Sneak Peek at our NE DC Condo Sales Center

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Here’s a sneak peek at our new NE DC real estate facility off of Bladensburg Road, NE in Trinidad. “This new NE DC real estate space is our flagship public space that supports our new condo sales activities, agent development, and real estate workshops,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We converted this space for maximum flexiblity in creating a NE DC headquarters for all of our endeavors.” The NE DC facility is designed with one major goal in mind – to create a real estate-focused environment with flexibility to cover the various audiences we interact with at UrbanLand Company,” said Gerard. “We built our business on new condo sales 15 years ago, and this space serves a valuable remote sales office & event space for NE DC condo projects. We can give any size project, including smaller infill projects where traditional sales centers aren’t feasible, an exciting sales environment.” Here’s a peek at the space – the photographer has been in while we’re getting ready for our 15th Anniversary party! Developers and real estate investors are welcome to set up a tour! If you have questions about the space and how we guarantee your project’s sales success through aggressive marketing, send us an email or call 202.335.2201.      
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