Mortgage Rates Start The Week at 4.06%. No April Fools Here.

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Mortgage Rates Start The Week at 4.06%. No April Fools Here.

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Interest rates on 30 year mortgage interest rates dipped last week and start the week at just 4.06%. The drop was the highest interest rate drop in over 10 years – rates before the drop were bouncing around 4.28%. If you don’t watch mortgage interest rates, many legitimate economists forecasted rates shooting up to 5%+ this year.

If you’re gainfully employed and have fair to good credit, this is when you really check out buying your first home or condo in the DC Area.  The rate drop is the equivalent of your monthly mortgage payment “being on sale” at a healthy discount temporarily. The other thing you may not realize is that while rates are low, you can qualify & purchase a home at a higher price than you could last week.

Want to get started in buying a home right now? We are a full-service real estate brokerage of full-service realtors.  Call/text 202.759.4114 for help now or sign up for an Appointment online and mention you want a phone call!

If you prefer to learn & ask questions, and then get started, we run multiple free Workshops per week staffed by our real estate agents. All of us sell in DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Baltimore.


Workshops are FREE of charge and are held at 1020 Bladensburg Road, NE in Trinidad. UrbanLand Company Home Buyer Workshops have produced over $51 million in purchased homes since 2014 for DC and Maryland residents, many of which are $0 Down or low down payment loans.



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