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$1,000+ in Student Loan Debt? Maryland Pays It Off For You.

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We’re circling back on a student loan elimination program sponsored by the State of Maryland through their Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP). Purchase any of the state’s currently available SmartBuy qualified homes and the state will contribute up to 15% of the home’s purchase price towards your outstanding student loan debt. You have to have at least $1,000 in current student loan debt. On a $200,000 home purchase, you’re getting up to $30,000 toward outstanding loans. WOW! “SmartBuy is worth revisiting. It quietly launched during Thanksgiving and there have already been home sales within the program. The qualifying homes are easy to purchase and can be relatively low priced due to them being foreclosures owned by the state of Maryland. The inventory fluctuates,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. The SmartBuy program is funded and administered by the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP), a program that has existed for over 30 years, giving first time buyers a chance for down payment assistance, better mortgage interest rates and lower closing costs. During Thanksgiving week, the MMP Mortgage Program celebrated the first sale of a home using an innovative new program that is among the first state-led initiatives in the US to combat student loan debt head-on.

“Maryland is saying something here that we already subscribe to at UrbanLand Company. The first time home buyer plays a pivotal role in the health of the housing market, a critical part of Maryland’s overall economy. It’s great to see the state tackling student loan debt head on.”

To get started with SmartBuy and to see qualifying homes for sale, visit our information & assistance portal.  Or, get a direct connection and appointments with our agents here.
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