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New Land Trust in Anacostia "Pooling Land" East of the River

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New Land Trust in Anacostia “Pooling Land” East of the River

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The Bridge Park Community Land Trust has formed in Anacostia with a plan to “pool land East of the River”. This will be the first land trust of its type to focus on this part of Anacostia. The trust is created in partnership with City First Homes, a private home builder.

The land trust will acquire target properties and will “take land out of the property question.” A land trust allows individuals and families to purchase homes without the value of the land factored into the equation. In a simple sense, they’ll be able to just “buy the house” if the land trust is successful in its activities.

The group is just getting started, so expect more info in about 90 days.

There’s a full technical explanation of the goal and how the trust is structured in UrbanTurf. Great read with a lot of detail!

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