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Reviewing 16 Years of DC Land Sales For Developers

Reviewing 16 Years of DC Land Sales For Developers

Our series on Building Agents’ Business is taking a Summer look at how to diversify your transaction mix as a DC Realtor.  There’s a variety of volume types available besides just your basic single family home, rowhome or condo sale, if you dig down deep and work hard at building a name for yourself. DC offers a rich residential and commercial climate and is a very active development market.

“We’ve been fortunate to enjoy a diversity of volume at UrbanLand Company Real Estate Brokerage,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker. “In any given month, the brokerage and our agents are working the full cycle of real estate, from basic residential to new construction to small & large commercial all the way down to handling rental listings or even placing renters. ”

Behind the scenes, we also represent developers in their search for suitable land & infill lots. “When I founded UrbanLand Company Real Estate Brokerage in 2003, we originally focused in on new construction sales and built a sustaining, thriving business,” commented DiRuggiero. “At the same time, we also built up a track record of delivering land for projects of all sizes to developers, builders & investors.”

These are lucrative transactions. “The inner workings of real estate puts you at an advantage. If you’re a savvy enough agent to drive home a land acquisition deal, you most likely have a shot at the sales  or rental of associated future units in that project. It’s a great way to build layered volume & pipeline very efficiently,” said Gerard.

“Beyond niche land deals, we get heavily involved on the transactional side of moving small and large assets,” commented DiRuggiero, “Besides land sales and purchases, we also represent owners in the sale of assets like this Logan Circle 39 unit apartment building we are currently selling, listed at $10 million.”

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Here’s some of the land acquisitions we’ve been associated with.

Reviewing 16 Years of DC Land Sales For Developers

2020 12th St, NW

CR zoning (sold) currently 2020 Lofts, 134 units

Reviewing 16 Years of DC Land Sales For Developers

919-929 Florida Ave, NW

17,000SF, CR zoning (sold) currently The Floridian, 118 units

1215-1219 K St, NE

12,893SF, C2A zoning (sold), currently The Havana, 49 units

1402-1410 H St, NE & 1401 Florida Ave, NE

6,649SF, C3A zoning (sold), 29 units

3rd & Randolph Pl, NE

6 lots, R4 zoning (sold), 12 units

435 R St, NW

6,000SF, C2A land (sold), 12 units

1912 8th St, NW

1,800SF, C2A zoning (sold), 5 units

3911 1st St, NE

12 unit apartment building (sold)

1515 Rhode Island Ave, NE

8-unit shell(sold), 24 units

223 18th St, SE

4-unit shell (sold), currently 4 units

12 S St, NE

4-unit shell (sold), currently 4 units

306-308 K St, NE

2 lots, R4 zoning (sold), undeveloped

Reviewing 16 Years of DC Land Sales For Developers

215 Randolph St, NE

4 lots, R4 zoning (sold), 8 units

2nd & Randolph St, NE

2 lots, R4 zoning (sold), 4 units

1873 3rd St, NW

R4 zoning (sold), currently 2 units

216 Morgan St, NW

R4 zoning (sold), undeveloped

1418 Florida Ave, NW

3 unit (sold)

1124 Florida Ave, NE

12,893SF, C2A zoning (sold), proposed as 49 units

913 Florida Ave, NW

2,600SF, MU10 zoning (sold), currently office building

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