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Homeowners Near Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods Seeing 40% & 34% Price Increases

Market research firm RealtyTrac did a recent analysis of the values of homes in the same zip code as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods locations around the country.


Data shows that homeowners have experienced 40% appreciation since they purchased when near a Trader Joe’s and 34% appreciation since they purchased when near a Whole Foods. Homeowners near Trader Joe’s pay 59% higher property taxes than their Whole Foods counterparts.

“The report also states that the 34% gains near Whole Foods matches the national average for all zip codes around the US (34% appreciation also),” commented Gerard DiRuggiero. “Homes near Trader Joe’s really only increase at 6% higher than average for anywhere. The morale of the story to renters isn’t ‘Trader Joe’s!’, it is that putting your money into real estate, even when its not your dream home, gives you an investment on average of 34%.”

“We do coach our first time buyers and investor home shoppers, particularly in urban environments like DC or quickly changing suburban areas like Maryland and NOVA, to follow development in the areas where they are thinking about living,” continued DiRuggiero. “The arrival of new retail stores, nice restaurants, town centers, etc. can really drive up values in a big way, so getting in early is a great idea. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we try to announce new area development the minute it hits the business press!”

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