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Shaw's New Whole Food Project Progressing Through Development Hurdles

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Whole Foods on H Street: Tenant Build-Out Permits Filed

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Tenant build-out for H Street’s upcoming Whole Foods is underway. There’s permit activity in the BizJournals on the Whole Foods Market set to appear inside Northeast’s Apollo project. The Apollo project is currently under construction at 600 H Street, NE by developer Insight Property Group.

The Whole Foods will be a 43,919 sq. ft. store with a mezzanine, outdoor seating and a share of the 199 dedicated retail parking spaces that are going to be available.

This is great news to shoppers and even better if you’re a property owner in the immediate neighborhood. “We featured data in our ULC Blog last year on those who live near a Whole Foods and the kind of appreciation they see on their property relative to those who live right near a Trader Joe’s,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “Those near Whole Foods saw 34% average appreciation since they purchased. That’s a healthy example of the power of new retail and what it does for your home investment.”

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