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Great Brightwood Location + FHA 203k Renovation Potential Make This 2,400 Sq. Ft. Rowhome a Must-See

0001hdrHere we have an UrbanLand Company listed row home with a number of unique features, including a great situation that makes this the perfect FHA 203k Renovation loan case study. “This one’s special and worth talking about in the ULC Blog,” commented Gerard DiRuggierio, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. There’s several things to highlight that certain types of shoppers will appreciate, plus the fact that the home has been on the market for 45 days creates other opportunities.”

This is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom row home with a wide and deep floorplan and over 2,400 square feet of interior space. It’s located at 5627 Kansas Ave. NW in Brightwood near where Missouri and Kansas intersect. The property already has a multi-level rear addition that creates some of the great extra square footage and puts walls of windows on the rear of the home. “It creates a great feeling of old and new when you’re looking at this home. The front is very traditional, and the home retains some of its historic feel with original woodworking and detailing,” continued Gerard. “The basement even has a private bedroom and bath which makes a great au pair or in-law suite.”

There’s more to the story on this property than what you can see in the photos. The seller comes to us from an UrbanLand Company prior seller referral. “The right way for us to position our services with this property owner was to fund certain needed cosmetic renovations – we had all three levels painted, installed new carpeting in the lower level and took care of numerous other small details. There’s a lot of small things we do that make a big difference when we  are fully engaged in our Seller Services program with a property,” said DiRuggiero. “It adds up to about $8,000 in cosmetics that go a long way toward putting a great face on a home that has even further potential due to its location.”

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5627 Kansas Avenue NW is right near the new Walmart, Safeway, Walgreens and a ton of other shopping and restaurant options. Parks are nearby along with major bus routes and the Georgia Ave. – Petworth METRO. “Brightwood is the natural overflow for Petworth. In fact, we refer to Brightwood a lot internally as the ‘new Petworth’,” said DiRuggiero. “The area represents a unique opportunity for buyers. A lot of potential Brightwood sellers are excited they can ‘finally sell their home’ and move on, and they don’t even realize that the neighborhood is in hot demand with buyers now spilling in while looking in Petworth. The lines between the neighborhood blur in the eyes of buyers as they see Petworth’s surge in housing prices and popularity and look naturally to the North.”

The property is listed at $587,650 and has been on the market for just over 45 days, which means there may be room for negotiation. “The home’s price and it’s time on the market creates a great opportunity for a savvy buyer to sweep in and put this home under the FHA 203k loan program. Their Streamline product gives you up to $35,000 for necessary repairs to roll into the mortgage. In this case, you’d put in new central AC and re-do 2 bathrooms and the kitchen to meet your standards. That puts the icing on the cake in a home in a neighborhood that will surge in value,” concluded Gerard.

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