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Get Plugged Into Our Leads & Prospects Pipeline For Summer

Get Plugged Into Our Leads & Prospects Pipeline For Summer

Are you hitting a downturn in your closings & looking for Summer pipeline & potential closings?  Our in-house Agent Leads Generation Program has been delivering leads & prospects to UrbanLand Company agents since 2012 and is coming off another big month! During a slightly busier May than usual, we put 152 more buyer & seller prospects into our pipeline to nurture for our agents.  We’re currently recruiting full-time Realtors who want to build their volume – text/call 202.517.6950. 

You can’t discount the value of pipeline as a Realtor. “Pulling deals out of your pipeline & maintaining closings momentum are key factors to focus on if you’re a growing agent,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “Our centralized lead generation approach puts a mix of warm to hot opportunities mixed with longer-term pipeline right in front of you. We are delivering a high number of financially qualified appointments to our agents while doing the nurturing legwork for them.”

It’s a different kind of model that is very agent-friendly. Our Agent Leads Generation Program frees you up to service your real prospects – the ones you’ve met face-to-face or already had substantial phone time with. We’ve centralized the rest of the follow-up for our leads where we’re maintaining communication & getting them into ready-to-close status.

Text us at 202.517.6950 or email us for more info on our agent support & business building program.

“Getting involved directly with our leads as well as with our marketing programs gives you pipeline…but it also gives you invaluable exposure for your general real estate business,” continued Gerard. “When you follow our game plan and dive deep into our marketing programs and lead opportunities, you often find your sphere of influence popping up for guidance. It’s a spillover effect from suddenly becoming a lot more ‘public’ as a Realtor.”

“Here’s what we do in lead generation for our agents,” continued DiRuggiero. “Our in-house lead generation teams manages a flow of opportunities coming into the brokerage, services those leads, and moves them into direct agent service when they are ready.” It’s a mix of activity from our Buyer & Seller Workshops, financing guidance program, our social media, real estate hotlines & signage.

Some of what we hear during interviews is that brokerages often promise “lead generation” but instead deliver the tools you need to handle your leads, i.e. CRM software, email templates, phone scripts, etc.  “There is an enormous cost to delivering a volume of leads to brokerage agents. Part of those costs are hard cash or credit card charges for advertising, or direct pay-per-lead costs from Zillow type sites,” said Gerard. “We’ve invested continously in smart use of advertising, SEO, our websites, social media audiences & email lists rather than buying opportunities from portals. It has required a long-term investment since 2007 but it pays off now with constant leads & a very large pipeline.”

“We give you a pipeline of warm leads to service & close that adds to what you’re already generating on your own. It’s invaluable.”

If you’re an agent, available close to full time, and have a real desire to increase your volume, contact UrbanLand Company now. Just text 202.517.6950 or email us. We’re recruiting & our interview process is fully confidential.

UrbanLand Company has just finished up a year of major self-funded growth including the opening of 2 new flagship Realtor offices – we’re now a permanent part of NE DC’s booming Trinidad/H Street Corridor and Baltimore’s red-hot Hampden commercial neighborhood.

Get Plugged Into Our Leads & Prospects Pipeline For Summer


“We designed all of our offices with building our UrbanLand Company agents’ business in mind,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “Our office concept is built around flexible space any of our agents can use while out & about doing daily real estate while also creating crowd-friendly venues that serve our Workshops program & agent sphere of influence events. It makes for a modern, dynamic combination with a lot of value for agents.”

2019 is our 16th year for UrbanLand Company, and we did more than just “go regional” with our offices. The brokerage has reached over $535 million in overall transactions We tripled the size of our free Workshops program, converted our realtor training into a very efficient, modular format, and have welcomed a large group of incoming agent transfers.

Text us at 202.517.6950 or email us for more info on our agent support & business building program.

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