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From Industrial to Residential: Capitol Hill Block Showing 2 New Projects

While it’s not as big as the development news hitting east of H Street, NoMa and Rhode Island Avenue, Capitol Hill has announcements of its own as a block of E Street, SE has proposals for 2 different unique new residential projects. The block is currently utilized for industrial purposes.

Insight Property Group OPaL propose 2 developments on industrial Capitol Hill block Washington Business Journal2

Arlington-based Insight Property Group will transform 1339, 1343-1345 and 1351- 1355 E Street, SE with a 4 story, 153 unit building with a landscaped central courtyard and solar panels. 90 below grade parking spaces and a habitable penthouse are included in the design. The solar panels will provide about 1% of the building’s energy needs. This block is north of Pennsylvania Avenue, 2 blocks west of Potomac Avenue Metro, and 4 blocks east of Eastern Market.  The team behind the plan is taking big steps to conform to the residential character of the immediate neighborhood. Expect lots of brick, masonry, stone and painted metal.

Watkinsalley1 watkinsalley2

At the corner of 13th and E Street, SE, developer OPal LLC is proposing a 45 unit multifamily project tentatively labeled Watkins Alley. This project replaces an automobile service center, warehouse and surface parking lots. Both developer applications state that the existing auto service centers, industrial space and surface parking lots are “incompatible” with the growing residential community that surrounds them.

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