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Dupont’s Boarded Up Row Homes Transforming into 70 New Condos


Dupont's Boarded Up Row Homes Transforming into 70 New CondosA row of these on N Street in Dupont Circle is finally moving forward 25 years after first being acquired by a local developer. 1745 N Street, NW is a set of historic row homes, shuttered for years, that will become 70 new condominiums. The rowhomes’ original structures will be preserved, with 31 ‘historically themed’ residences in the old buildings and 39 units in a brand-new addition on the back of the site. The 39 units in the addition will have a modern, loft-style design.

The project was approved by the Historic Preservation Review Board in late 2013 and just recently receivedparking relief from the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) as a means of continuing progress. In the case of 1745 N Street, there was not sufficient space to provide the required 15 parking spaces as mandated by zoning laws for new additions to historic structures. The project received an approval to provide just 13 parking spaces, in exchange for a resident transit package that provides 5 years of free Capital Bikeshare membership to every buyer.

“You’ll see a lot more mention of exchanges and trade-offs with things like guaranteed transit packages for residents in exchange for adjustments to zoning’s parking requirements. With land so scarce in the city and new condo projects restricted by infill lot sizes, we know there will be more changes to parking requirements coming down the pipeline. This is the third project we’ve noted in the ULC Blog that has been announced with special parking considerations,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company.

New projects such as 1745 N Street, NW will be in high demand as they move forward and into Pre-Sales. “You won’t be the only one having an interest in units at this prime location in Dupont. There will be well-prepared, savvy buyers and real estate investors chasing these residences. Those who seriously want to consider buying at a project like this need to check out our New Construction Buyer Registration service.  We have sold over 1,000 units in DC while representing both buyers and developers in DC. We give you aggressive representation and strategic new construction guidance to navigate the Pre-Sales process with you,” concluded DiRuggiero.

When complete, Dupont’s old boarded up row homes are projected to look like this:

Dupont's Boarded Up Row Homes Transforming into 70 New Condos
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