Direct Closings From Our Local Leads Are Averaging $416,766

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Direct Closings From Our Local Leads Are Averaging $416,766

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We’re proud to announce that our Agent Leads Generation Program, the in-house lead referral and training program for realtors at UrbanLand Company, is producing an average closing of $416,766 as the program continues to grow!

“We generate a diversity of leads and prospects that go right to our agents once they have been verified, nurtured and warmed up,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “The program has been formally in place since 2013 with over $50 million in direct closings off of our generated buyers, investors & sellers. The average is $416,766 with highs of $582,225 and a low of $133,000 out of 1 of our new Baltimore City leads for 2018 heading into 2019.”

Baltimore City? Don’t discount the attractiveness of the evolving Baltimore market for DC area agents. “The $133,000 sale in Baltimore came in off one of our Homebuyer Workshops attendees at our Baltimore office and is a great snapshot of what you see in that market. This buyer walked in with $100,000 in down payment funds ready to go and very specific criteria on what he was looking for,” said Gerard. That local sale is 1 of 20 total transactions in Baltimore since we opened our new location!

What’s the Agent Leads Generation Program?

Our Agent Leads Generation Program is an in-house pipeline of leads and prospects delivered to UrbanLand Company agents at no upfront cost. The program delivers exclusively generated local prospects from a variety of brokerage marketing activities that come to the firm for assistance & guidance in various real estate related topics.

“Where does our leads program excel?” continued DiRuggiero. “We focus in on what we call agent exposure. Our flow of leads puts our agents in play with in-the-field prospects who need guidance or have real immediate needs as buyers and sellers.”

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More info on the Agent Leads Generation Program is available here. We offer a transparent recruiting and interviewing process.

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Here’s some recent closings from our Agent Leads Generation Program!


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