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DC’s Small Area Plan Focuses on Preserving Character of Bloomingdale, Eckington and Mid City East

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A 15 month effort led by the DC Office of Planning has resulted in the publication of the Mid City East Small Area Plan, a long term guide for development, redevelopment and preservation focusing on a 480 acre swath of Northwest and Northeast DC.  The area includes a mosaic of established neighborhoods including Bloomingdale, Eckington, LeDroit Park, Sursum Coda, Bates/Truxton Circle and parts of Edgewood and Stronghold.

The overall goal of the Small Area Plan is to preserve neighborhood character and architecture while tackling larger issues facing the area such as vacant properties, infill opportunities, dilapidated and disconnected main streets, poor connectivity and weak retail.

“UrbanLand Company has supported development in these neighborhoods throughout our entire corporate history,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker at UrbanLand Company. “Bloomingdale, Eckington and LeDroit Park are all neighborhood where we’ve had new residential development and conversion projects become very popular with home buyers. We’ve long believed in the area and it’s great to see additional, much needed attention from the city planning council.”

It’s no surprise the city is focused. Demographics for the Mid City East zone have changed a great deal in the last 10 years. More than 50% of the 17,858 residents of the area have moved in since 2005. The size of individual households and the number of families with children have decreased, while the number of single young professionals and couples have increased.

“This is what happens when an area takes off. We talk often on our Neighborhood Watch List about ‘emerging neighborhoods’ and pockets of value that exist in DC. The changes in population in the Mid City East region reflect just that – the area has ‘emerged’ as a great destination for those in a certain age range and lifestyle group,” continued DiRuggiero.

Where are these Mid City East new residents moving into? “It’s really all across the board.  We personally see a strong mix of resale properties and new home buyers coming into the area. Our developers are taking note – we have popular new condo projects opening up right now in Bloomingdale and Eckington, and initial interest on the email lists has been phenomenal, “ said DiRuggiero.

Opening soon for sales is Bloomingdale 1812 on North Capitol Street, NW., a project of 13 new residences within a renovated Victorian shell. Two bedroom, two bath flats with large bay windows, huge living areas and great interior features will be initially available, with four additional two story, three bedroom duplexes available in Phase II. The best way to get information on Bloomingdale 1812 is to join the email list at

Recently opened for sales is The Randolph on 3rd Street, Northeast in Eckington. Unique 2 story loft duplexes are complete and ready for sales with great features like huge windows, high ceilings, loft overhands and innovative metal stair towers with sustainable wood. The Priority list and news hotline is available at

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