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DC’s New “Garden District” Forming Along Bladensburg Road, NE

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What we knew would happen has happened…and it makes UrbanLand Company even more excited to open up our new NE office at 1020 Bladensburg Road, NE in Trinidad. Certificate of Occupancy permits have arrived approved from the city at the same time that a major local non-profit has released a formal vision for our strip of Bladensburg Road. The H Street Main Street (HSMS) organization has put together a comprehensive plan for major retail and residential development from the H Street starburst all the way up to the Arboretum. The target zone is being called the Garden District in its conceptual stages, due to the close proximity to The Arboretum. This news comes on the heels of plenty of news coverage on the zone as well as niche boutique condos already appearing. Gales 18 is one of our brokerage developer listings! “We knew development was going to ‘pop’ here when we bought our building on Bladensburg at the very end of 2016 – it is a 2,200+ sq. ft. industrial facility that we have converted into a huge open real estate space and educational facility,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “HSMS has identified major sites on both sides of Bladensburg Road, NE as targets for major development – we’re talking about $400 – $700 million coming up right along this street in the coming years!” There’s already activity right across the street. “We sold the building on the left years ago – it was a site that ended up turning into The Renee you see pictured. The activity next door to that building is for a Here’s a rough map of the Garden District showing some of the target sites. “These are major sites with mixed use zoning that can support 100+ units and major amounts of retail square footage,” commented DiRuggiero. “I’m happy to share guidance on what is happening in on the strip – we’ve been here almost every day during our own construction looking at exactly what is going on and what the potential zoning supports. This is the 2nd time in our brokerage history we’ve had front-row seats to major neighborhood transformation — this already occurred outside our Shaw headquarters due to the work of JBG.” The green dots are target sites and the purple dot is our new UrbanLand Company office. “We’re a neighborhood real estate office opening the doors very soon, and we’re a developer and first time home buyer resource center,” continued DiRuggiero. “This facility is the chance for anyone real estate-minded to plug into our expertise as a DC brokerage specializing in emerging neighborhoods. We’ve had over 1,250 total unit sales in DC in our history!” The HSMS vision that has been presented also covers major projects along neighboring Benning Road, NE. “There are several sites with big targets on them, including several churches, a massive charter school site, and other infill opportunities,” said Gerard. “It’s going to take aggressive developers to wrap up & assemble these sites into tangible projects. The rewards are massive for this the resources and ability to execute large scale projects. UrbanLand Company is here to help! Call 202.335.2201 for development & investor assistance! Sites identified in the HSMS vision plan are owned by a variety of local and out-of-town owners. “I’ve personally met a lot of the owners on the Bladensburg strip. These are individuals who ARE willing to hand over their parcels to the right developers. It just takes a catalyst on the deal-making side of things to put site acquisitions in motion. This is a time when you plug into our new construction expertise and zoning knowledge. Call 202.335.2201 or email for development & investor assistance.  
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