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Are You Getting Enough New Construction Listings & Sales?

Are You Getting Enough New Construction Listings & Sales?

We’re just coming off a big Grand Opening and busy weekend of Open Houses at our newest boutique condo listing, The Mondonico, in Capitol Hill. Just two huge 1,800 sq. ft. residences with two levels each are available in this corner-located building at 1401 S. Carolina Avenue, SE.

Visit for more info or Unit 1’s listing.

Our active local Realtor recruiting program continues! Agents interviewing with us from other brokerages often ask us about our involvement with new construction listings in DC. Here’s some of our thoughts and tips on adding income-producing specialty niches like new construction to your volume as an agent.

“Behind the scenes, we spend a lot of time with our agents in helping them develop a presence within the specialty niches of real estate,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “When it comes to becoming a regular listing agent for new construction properties, we have a lot of guidance to share!  Almost 2/3 of our over 1,500 transactions in DC has been related to representing developers and investors on the marketing, listing & sales of their units. ”

Specializing in a niche as an agent means you have to walk the talk.

“I specifically chose new construction as a focus when I was founding UrbanLand Company in 2002,” continued Gerard. “I built a sizable pipeline in emerging neighborhoods back then and nurtured developer relationships the brokerage still enjoys today. Through a ton of hard work, we’ve now closed over 1,000 new construction transactions on the side of both developers and buyers, and new construction remains a regular contributor to our volume year to year.”

When you choose a niche as an agent, you have to immerse in it. “When you’re choosing a specialty, you have to choose areas where you can build exponential growth and volume,” continued Gerard. “New Construction is a great niche for these qualities alone. The other major niche where we have seen explosive growth by investing major resources is our  Homebuyer Workshops education pipeline. A focus on developing new client relationships through free education has driven in over $51 million in direct closings for our agents from our Workshops pipeline & leads program.”

We’re Recruiting Realtors! Text/Call 202.517.6950 for more info.

What’s it take to build a new construction niche agent business? Here’s the quick view on what we tell agents when they have a curiosity about new construction during the recruiting & training process.

  • You have to learn the active buildings in your market & submarket
  • You have to know what’s in Preview and what’s in Development
  • Our new construction Open Houses are a great way to meet unattached buyers
  • Controlling condo projects for developers opens up a world of lead generation opportunities
  • After you’ve built a sizable record closing new construction buyers, you can pitch developer listing business with credibility

We have a great home for the agent wanting to add new construction to their volume. Doing the above things to build your niche are actually pretty easy, when the brokerage is already heavily entrenched in new construction.

“If you have the motivation & can follow our playbook, adding new construction to your agent resume is easy at UrbanLand Company. We’re already set up for the agent wanting to generate a high ROI from this sector.”


We’re Recruiting Realtors! Text/Call 202.517.6950 for more info.

UrbanLand Company Real Estate Brokerage was founded in 2003 in NW DC and has now sold over $535,000,000 in DC area real estate from over 1,500 transactions. We have regional realtor offices in NE DC’s H Street Corridor and Baltimore City’s Hampden commercial neighborhood.

Want to learn more about Building Your Business with UrbanLand Company? We offer a transparent & confidential interview process.  Text/call 202.517.6950 or Get started now

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