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‘DC Open Doors’ $0 Down Program Also Available to Repeat Buyers & Current Property Owners

If you follow UrbanLand Company’s email list or Facebook page, you can see we talk a lot about first time home buyers and the “DC Open Doors” $0 Down Program. What most don’t know is that DC’s popular $0 Down buying assistance program is also available if you currently own a home or have owned a home in the past!

In ‘Open Doors’ program rules, a ‘first time buyer’ is someone who has not their primary residence for the past 3 years. This means you could have owned a home in the past and can still qualify! If you still currently own your home or condo, that property must be sold and settled prior to setting on your new $0 Down home purchase.

“You do not have to have your existing home sold or settled prior to starting the $0 Down process,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “You can start looking at homes right now and can even issue offers, write a contract, etc. A lot of area residents don’t know that there are clauses like this in the $0 Down program that can be used to their advantage.

It’s not just current homeowners that DC Open Doors can be used for. You can also combine the $0 Down loan with programs like the FHA 203k Renovation Program.

“We’re extremely familiar with FHA 203k, and even give informational workshops on how to use FHA 203k remodeling funds when buying a fixer upper. The twist here is that DC Open Doors issues a compatible $0 Down loan within the FHA 203k package that lets you buy an up to 4 unit building for $0 Down, while getting funds to use for updates and repairs rolled into the loan,” commented DiRuggiero.

How do you learn more about how to use DC Open Doors? “We’re seeing a very large number of pre-enrollments from our online information of people who want to explore the loan program. Requests for our help in navigating the $0 Down program are at all-time high for UrbanLand Company,” concluded DiRuggiero.

Program details and how to get help are available at h ttp://

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