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Building Agents’ Business: Teams Happen Naturally

Building Agents' Business: Teams Happen Naturally

Our current series continues on the things you have to do to maintain and grow your business as a local real estate agent. It’s time to circle back on the topic of proactive team building in real estate.

“Real estate teams happen naturally. From traditional team structures with a leader/top producer & member agents to more modern approaches where realtors simply collaborate on bringing in business together, many find it easier to team up than go at it alone in this business,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company.

A proactive team building model means you build your team structure because it is the right strategic move for your realtor business, and you often put the team structure in place before leads are funneling into the top of the team.  “There is no reason why a group of realtors with a common interest in optimizing their volume can’t work together from the gitgo,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “You don’t need to be old friends, you don’t have to come out of Pre-Licensing together; all it takes is a common goal toward building your business and a brokerage that supports and assists in creating team structures and profit centers.”

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How can a brokerage help you build a team?  “Here’s what we do. We deliver an immediate pipeline for a growing team to service, sell and close,” said DiRuggiero. “One new group with us is in the middle of an 8 week schedule hosting our Buyer Workshops on Saturdays, holding various listings open on Sunday & taking on private buyer appointments during the week with our warmed up leads.”

“Teams absolutely need to get off to a strong start together, or their enthusiasm and desire to work together falls off. It’s the job of their broker to deliver opportunities for a successful launch.”

If you’re a team leader currently or are thinking about forming a team, talk to us about what we can do for you (and your teammates)!

Text us at 202.517.6950 or email us for more info on how we build your agent business in DC.

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