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Building Agents’ Business: Lead Generation Questions For Closers

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If you’re busy with buyers and sellers, you’re not always thinking about it. Lead generation and priming your pipeline for the near future should always be on your mind. Here’s several questions you should be asking yourself if you are regularly closing deals that come across your radar.

Are focused efforts (by you or your broker) in place to generate leads for you?

Are the costs of your leads and advertising causing a drain on your cash flow?

Are your leads converting to face-to-face appointments in a real estate context?

Is your broker (or team leader) working directly with incoming new leads & competing with you?

Why do we bring these questions up? Balancing your own lead generation, lead nurturing & warmup activities with your current deals and immediate business is a challenge for most real estate agents. UrbanLand Company has a formal Agent Leads Generation Program that puts opportunities right in front of you (or your team). “We formally created our Agent Leads Generation Program back in 2013 as a new business generator for UrbanLand Company agents that built upon (back then) over 10 years of continuous local marketing for our brokerage,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We’ve guided our agents into over $50 million in closed transactions directly from our leads. Regular closers and growing teams can excel in our brokerage business model & Agent Leads Generation Program.”

Here’s more information on our Agent Leads Generation Program, a formal initiative going on since 2013. Check us out & give us a text or call at 202.517.6950.


There’s a secret to generating business out of online real estate leads. It’s called an exclusive pipeline of potential clients who are asking for your advice and guidance.


Multi-week rotations leading a variety of topics in our Home Buyer Workshops pays off for agents!


Open House rotation puts you play with home buyers in great price ranges and gets you face-to-face strategically with other neighborhood potential sellers.


Again, fundamentals matter. Neighborhood outreach delivers a high return on your time investment, if you follow the game plan.


Like meeting new people a lot? Join our Same Day Showings team and get access to home buyers and renters who want to go out right now!


Are you building a team or do you have agents working under you? We have a great team model you should explore with us.


We use simple technology that saves you time, keeps you in touch & helps you keep your pipeline on track.

Here’s some recent closings from our Agent Leads Generation Program!
  • 5809 40th Ave in Hyattsville by ULC Agent Jacques Edelin | $337,500
  • 75 Danbury St SW, in DC  by ULC Agent Josh Hedrington | $355,000
  • 4041 7th ST NE #4 in DC by ULC Agent Dennis Cooper | $575,000
  • 4545 Longfellow St in Hyattsville by ULC Agent Gail Carter | $405,000
  • 626 Totten Mews NE in DC by ULC Agent Gail Carter | $582,225
  • 4150 Fallstaff Rd in Baltimore by ULC Associate Broker Willie Silas | $133,000
  • 16314 Ellipse Terrace in Bowie Listed & Sold by ULC Associate Broker Willie Silas | $250,000
More info on the Agent Leads Generation Program is available here. We offer a transparent recruiting and interviewing process. Get started now! If you want to keep up-to-date on the local real estate market, new condo activities or our ongoing Topics for Agents, join our email list. It’s going strong since 2002!

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