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Building Agents’ Business in DC: Do You Stand Out?

Building Agents' Business in DC:  Do You Stand Out?

How do you succeed in highly competitive markets like DC as a Realtor? “It’s a complicated urban market with high demand for a limited amount of product at any given time – the competition to get listings & attract qualified buyers is intense,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “I want to share our experience in growing our brokerage as well as some of the guidance we give our agents as we assist in building their respective businesses.”

You have to stand out from the crowd as an agent. There are a few things you can control as an agent, and many things you can’t. “The major component of our success is maximizing exposure for your real estate business. You can directly control what you do to put yourself in front of the real estate public, and it doesn’t involve outspending the competition in advertising or lead buying” continued Gerard.

“Motivated full-time agents, experienced closers & growing teams can all excel in our model if they follow our guidance on building their business.”

Our Agent Exposure program kick-starts your momentum. When an incoming new UrbanLand Company agent wants to take a focused effort at improving their volume and flow of opportunities, they enter into a promotional & marketing cycle that generates leads & builds awareness for their realtor business. “Two things kick off our agent exposure cycle – when you join our firm and when you come to us after a round of closings for us ready to kick-start a new wave of pipeline & volume,” continued DiRuggiero.

Text us at 202.517.6950 or email us for more info on how we build your agent business in DC.

The promotional cycle for our agents is easy to follow and execute if you’re motivated for success. We match your available time with workshop events, custom open houses in brokerage listings, and agent-driven involvement in social media & farming/mail activities.

“The cycle gives you a ton of social media content to really show your individual sphere what they are up to as a Realtor. It often creates a catalyst with your sphere while we are pushing fresh leads & appointments in front of  you,” said Gerard. “Our internal Agent Leads Generation Program team has generated & warmed up over $52 million in sales directly for our agents to service & close.”

UrbanLand Company Real Estate Brokerage was founded in 2003 in NW DC and has now sold over $535,000,000 in DC area real estate from over 1,500 transactions. We have regional realtor offices in NE DC’s H Street Corridor and Baltimore City’s Hampden commercial neighborhood.

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