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Broker Touch-Ups Turn Columbia Heights Rental Home Into $615K Victorian Luxury Condo

One of the most valuable things a D.C. real estate broker or agent can do for you as a property owner is to provide strategic guidance during the planned sale of a home or condo.

In a complicated, ever-changing market like downtown Washington, D.C., smart decisions made before listing a property on the market can turn a problem listing into an in-demand property fetching a high sales price.

Too many times an agent is so thrilled to secure a listing that they not pause to look at the bigger picture. “We strive to bring an element of patience and real guidance when discussing a listing with a potential seller. They need a brokerage who can act as a strategic partner in selling the home and do more than just take offers and process paperwork.”

Let’s look at 2713 11th Street, NW, a 3 bedroom, 3 bath luxury condo with Victorian styling in Columbia Heights that is currently under contract with UrbanLand Company.  This is a prime example of a brokerage taking the lead to ensure a successful and profitable sale for the owner.

“2713 11th Street, NW was an existing rental residence with great space and Old World styling that came with a lot of the typical ‘features’ that plague D.C. rental properties. This included inconsistent interior paint, trim and moldings needing a refresh, and floors in need of updates. We identified that these issues were going to severely impact the appeal of the property at the price points the seller was expecting, so we took immediate, proactive action.”

UrbanLand Company funded and managed the process of sprucing up 2713 11th Street. Full scale staging was done as well in order to turn the residence into a showcase for Victorian condo living in Columbia Heights. The hard work and attention to detail paid off.  We’ve been able to turn this existing rental home into a desirable for-sale property that stands out in its neighborhood.  The level of interest from buyers has been consistent and the property is currently under contract for final sale.

“Some of our sellers are shocked when we talk about paying for quick improvements to their properties as part of the sales process. They simply do not expect a broker or agent to take on this level of involvement and commitment,” continued DiRuggiero. “ We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to use all of our knowledge and resources to achieve the maximum selling price for our sellers.”

UrbanLand Company is a privately owned real estate brokerage located in the U Street Corridor. Since 1999, the company has helped a consistent flow of buyers, sellers, real estate investors and new home/condo developers with their real estate needs all over Washington, D.C, Maryland and Virginia.

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