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Behinds The Scenes! Realtor Lead Generation That Produces Closings

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The ULC Blog talks a lot about our Agent Leads Generation Program and the fact that it has produced over $50 million in area closings coming directly from leads we’ve generated in-house at our brokerage for our agents. “Our Agent Leads Generation Program was launched in 2013 as a formal initiative to manage our lead flow and assist our agents in building & closing volume in the DC/MD/VA, and now, Baltimore markets,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We’re happy to share details about our lead generation performance to the Realtor community.” Lead Generation for realtors. If you are closing enough volume to fund your own marketing & lead generation budget as an agent or team, then you have finite amounts of money to spend and lots of decisions to make. You can buy your leads direct from places like Zillow or you can invest in boosting your social media and website traffic to convert a percentage into tangible real estate business. “We’ve always used a hybrid approach relying fundamentally on the fact that we’ve been very active in DC real estate and very active online since 2003,” said DiRuggiero. “We’ve had the time to build a very strong organic presence and social media footprint locally over 16 years – we’ve been here longer than Zillow, Trulia and various newer brokerage brands to this market. During that time we built our own programs and initiatives to create real estate activity for our agents.” Sixteen years is a long time. “You learn a lot over the years and here’s some great examples. Our public Workshops program is a huge resource for the buying & selling public and sponsors over 260 educational sessions a year on various real estate topics staffed by our agents,” continued Gerard. “The Workshops generate leads coming to our agents for specific guidance that naturally fall into representation. Anyone who has ever spent a week emailing their latest Zillow leads with no response can appreciate the value of leads coming TO YOU for assistance.”
The Workshops are just one part of our Agent Leads Generation Program and generate valuable face-to-face time in a real estate context for our agents. Our marketing team and call center is regularly doing intake with direct appointment requests, listings & rental showings, and requests for help with choosing & navigating complicated financing.

Want to participate in our Workshops as an agent? Text/call 202.517.6950 or email

“Where’s our Agent Leads Generation Program add the most value for agents? Besides the leads themselves, we invest a great deal in our phone lines and in nurturing & warming up our various prospects in a centralized fashion,” continued Gerard. “You can meet a lot of leads in our model that are already warmed up to the point where they are ready for agent-level interaction and the actual sales process.”

If you’re curious about the ULC Agent program and how it can work for you, text/call 202.517.6950 or email

Here’s some recent closings from our Agent Leads Generation Program!
  • 5809 40th Ave in Hyattsville by ULC Agent Jacques Edelin | $337,500
  • 75 Danbury St SW, in DC  by ULC Agent Josh Hedrington | $355,000
  • 4041 7th ST NE #4 in DC by ULC Agent Dennis Cooper | $575,000
  • 4545 Longfellow St in Hyattsville by ULC Agent Gail Carter | $405,000
  • 626 Totten Mews NE in DC by ULC Agent Gail Carter | $582,225
  • 4150 Fallstaff Rd in Baltimore by ULC Associate Broker Willie Silas | $133,000
  • 16314 Ellipse Terrace in Bowie Listed & Sold by ULC Associate Broker Willie Silas | $250,000
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