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August Homebuyer Workshops Calendar for DC/Maryland

August Homebuyer Workshops Calendar for DC/Maryland

Will you buy your first home in 2019 or would you like to at least know how to get started? The dead of Summer and the cold of Winter are great times to enter the market as a first time buyer or move-up purchaser. Less competition from other homebuyers and their agents along with sellers who still have sell their homes often result in successful purchases.

August is a busy month in our Homebuyer Workshops as buyers take advantage of seasonal market conditions. We also meet privately one-on-one in person or by phone and can help you with understanding financing online. Just ask for an Appointment and mention you want a phone call!

Here’s the current calendar of upcoming Free Workshops:

You may not be aware, but due to higher housing prices and costs of living in general, DC, Maryland and Virginia all offer a variety of home buyer and mortgage assistance programs. Some programs issue grants for down payments, which is virtually free money as you do not pay it back. We have helped Workshop attendees identify and use such programs strategically for $50 million in successful local home purchases.

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