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Building Agents’ Business: The Next Step in Your Realtor Career | We’re Recruiting Full-Time Agents

Next Steps For Realtors | We're Recruiting Agents

What’s your real estate business really need? Even if you’re a realtor doing a healthy amount of volume, the answer is usually more transactions. “We’ve got a proven brokerage support model, marketing program & efficient modular training that delivers great leads & great exposure to more buyers, sellers and investors,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We invite you to connect with us to discuss what we do differently for our UrbanLand Company agents. We call it Building Agents’ Business.”

“Our local brand of DC/MD/VA real estate representation & guidance is the perfect fit for the growing agent or team looking to reach new levels.”

Our local leads program puts closable opportunites in front of you at no upfront cost. “We’ve delivered over $53 million in closings for our agents directly off of brokerage-generated leads, a significant number out of our total of $535 million in area transactions. Our agent support & guidance is a great complement to any producing realtor’s business.” It’s a great way to cut back on your lead buying costs on Zillow and other platforms.  We have no upfront cost on our leads. It is a simple referral program paid out after closing.

“We have nothing but respect for the local offices of national brand names. As an agent, you get access to great technology, resources and training as well as reputable brand names to sell under,” continued DiRuggiero. “But, time and time again, we see good Realtors failing to excel in at national brand names,” said Gerard. “The DC area’s highly competitive and realtor-saturated market makes it tough for Realtors to excel without major local advantages. That local advantage is what we offer and have built carefully at UrbanLand Company.”

Real estate still is a local business.  UrbanLand Company has been fortunate to represent a diversity of business across the DC market while generating over $535 million in transactions. We are a full-service real estate brokerage that actually competes and generates volume across all categories of real estate.

Text us at 202.517.6950 or email us for more info on our agent support & business building program. Ask about:

No Monthly Desk Fee

No Annual Legal Defense Fee

Exclusive Buyer & Seller Leads - No Upfront Cost

Full Service Listing & Lead Call Center

Modular Agent Training


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