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May Lead Generation: 152 New Prospects In Pipeline

May Lead Generation: 152 New Prospects In Pipeline

What’s a good month in real estate lead generation at the brokerage level? Our Agent Leads Generation Program showed a 22% increase in our lead flow for the month of May in the DC Metro & Baltimore markets.

“We’re proud to publish our ongoing results – a 22% increase off of our average means we put 152 new buyers & sellers into our pipeline for our agents,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “It’s a big number, and June looks to be performing at a similar level.”

Brokerages define lead generation differently. We’ve talked about it extensively in past ULC Blog posts & during our interview program (We’re recruiting full-time realtors – text 202.517.6950).

“Here’s what we do in lead generation for our agents,” continued DiRuggiero. “Our in-house lead generation teams manages a flow of opportunities coming into the brokerage, services those leads, and moves them into direct agent service when they are ready.” It’s a mix of activity from our Buyer & Seller Workshops, financing guidance program, our social media, real estate hotlines & signage.

It’s a different kind of model that is very agent-friendly. Our Agent Leads Generation Program frees you up to service your real prospects – the ones you’ve met face-to-face or already had substantial phone time with. We’ve centralized the rest of the follow-up for our leads where we’re doing the legwork in getting leads to commit to meeting you for guidance,” said Gerard.

“We give you a pipeline of warm leads to service & close that adds to what you’re already generating on your own. It’s invaluable.”

Getting involved in our pipeline gives your real estate business natural increased exposure. Even when you hit a break in your closings, you are meeting prospects & building momentum when you commit to our game plan,” continued DiRuggiero. “If you’re full-time in real estate, you can excel in our model.”

Text us at 202.517.6950 or email us for more info on our agent support & business building program.

Here’s our experience in the brokerage lead generation category. We’ve currently closed over $50 million in direct local home sales coming in from our online leads & other brokerage marketing activites. We’re proud to say we generated every opportunity in our pipeline using our own methods and without paying for any outside leads through real estate portals like Zillow, and handed those leads off internally to UrbanLand Company agents to service & close.

UrbanLand Company has just finished up a year of major self-funded growth including the opening of 2 new flagship Realtor offices – we’re now a permanent part of NE DC’s booming Trinidad/H Street Corridor and Baltimore’s red-hot Hampden commercial neighborhood.

May Lead Generation: 152 New Prospects In Pipeline

2019 is our 16th year for UrbanLand Company, and we did more than just “go regional” with our offices. The brokerage has reached over $535 million in overall transactions We tripled the size of our free Workshops program, converted our realtor training into a very efficient, modular format, and have welcomed a large group of incoming agent transfers.

Text us at 202.517.6950 or email us for more info on our agent support & business building program.

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