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691 Unit Eckington Project Clearing Approval Hurdles

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691 Unit Eckington Project Clearing Approval Hurdles

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The previously announced JBG and Boundary Companies development project near New York Avenue and Florida Avenue, NE has made progress in its approvals. The project cleared several small hurdles and is moving forward into further review by DC’s Zoning Commission. “It’s great to follow these projects as they move quickly. This 691 unit project with included retail was just announced in June, 2015 and appears to be clearing milestones with the Commission. This is another project that the city wants in the NoMa / Eckington corridor,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company.


The new project will include 4 brand new buildings that will sit between NoMa’s Trilogy building and a Cube Smart Self Storage. The original site was once used as an industrial train yard at 1611-1619 Eckington Place NE and also includes 1500 Harry Thomas Way, NE.

1619 Eckington Pl NE   Google Maps Harry Thomas Way NE   Google Maps
2 ‘ends’ of the new project will take over these 2 semi-empty lots

The 691 residential units are planned to include 49 studios, 126 smaller 1 BR, 229 ‘traditional’ 1 BR units, 190 2 BR, 21 3BR and 76 multi-level units with either 2 or 3 bedrooms.  “Eckington is going to get an infusion of singles and couples with this unit mix. The project includes a lot of retail space and they’ll need the residents to support it,” commented Gerard.

691 Unit Mixed Use Project For Eckington Moves Forward-3

About 50,000 sq. ft. of new retail space is included in 2 of the 4 buildings. Expect to hear more about Flower Center North, where most of the new retail will be housed. Flower Center North will rise 110 feet tall, about 35 feet higher than the other 3 buildings, and will be a prominent part of this part of Eckington’s ‘skyline’.  There will be 292 parking spaces included in the project.

“We’ll be watching closely the effect on the existing two and three story row homes that surround the project zone,” commented DiRuggiero. “We’ve marketed and sold over 150 homes in Eckington in the last 13 years, and even sold our first new condo projects down there way back when. This is a neighborhood we ALWAYS have our eyes on!” #FollowDevelopment on Twitter with UrbanLand Company!

Thanks to UrbanTurf for the activity alert & renderings!

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