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Ivy City’s NewCityDC Project Has Residential Portion Doubled

Douglas Development’s NewCityDC project is going to spearhead the transformation of Ivy City from industrial into a densely packed, new residential corridor. The project covers 15 acres in a triangle formed by the intersection of New York Ave., Montana Ave. and Bladensburg Road, NE.


“Douglas Development is building a ‘huge development that serves as a new ‘gateway community’ for traffic coming in and a major new retail destination that the zone sorely needs,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “This is literally the bookend on the end of DC’s H Street boom. That corridor literally burst at its seams due to all the success and growth.”

Development plans have recently been revised for the major project. The original 550,000 sq. ft. of retail, 108 hotel rooms, 200 apartments and parking has been revised to include more hotel and other residential. The mix now includes 156 hotel rooms, 422 apartments and 18 townhouses.

“You’ll probably see even more changes to the residential density in this project. There’s room to build more valuable residential in the project,” commented DiRuggiero. “Behind the scenes, there are initiatives like DC’s Inclusionary Zoning law that lets developers put in additional residential units. Expect more announced revisions to the plans!”

The 550,000 sq. ft. of retail is essential to the project and creates a very nice destination. The space breaks out to have 230,000 of the sq. ft. going to two major anchor retailers. The remaining retail includes restaurant space and spreads across 6 buildings and a pedestrian plaza. There are 2,800 planned parking spaces for the project.

Some say the “Big Market” shown in the renderings could be DC’s first Wegman’s grocery store!


“We believe in this neighborhood and what Douglas Development is doing,” continued Gerard. “We’re purchased our own site closer in at 1020 Bladensburg Road, NE and have just received our own permits for our renovation and construction. We’re building a new real estate office for our brokerage that will be our 2nd location in DC!”

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