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16th Street Heights: Condo & Single Family Market Surging

16th Street Heights: Condo & Single Family Market Surging

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The condo and townhome market for 16th Street Heights is on a quiet track to become a hot neighborhood for buyers in DC.

There’s been 85 condos and rowhome sales in 16th Street Heights in 2016. Average prices all year are at $590,704 while median sales prices are at $620,326 for the year.  In the neighborhood’s single family home market, there’s been a total of 31 sales averaging $842,910 with a median price of $795,323. Successful sale prices in both the condo/rowhome and single family home segments are increasing heavily over 2015 levels.

Neighborhood market data is available below.

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“The landscape for the neighborhood is changing. Small condo projects are starting to appear in various streets in the zone,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of Urbanland Company. “It’s an exciting time to be a homeowner or an investor in this neighborhood.”

The reasons are obvious for the neighborhood’s growth. 16th Street Heights is just outside of Brightwood and is right near Kennedy Street’s exciting retail transformation, Mazza Gallerie, and a ton of other attractions. The Kennedy Street zone has become an active growth area with active residents and new retailers.  There’s also plans for an additional DCStreetcar route along Georgia Avenue in the future.

“We were first into sales on Nicholson Street with a boutique condo project this year with prices for 2 bedrooms staying near the $400,000 price point. When you look at the data on  the neighborhood, this is simply a great entry point to be a homeowner in 16th Street Heights.”

Gerard DiRuggiero
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Want a piece of 16th Street Heights at a low price? There’s still one 2 bedroom 2 bath home remaining at our Nicholson Condos project at 1346 Nicholson Street, NW. Building information & news is available here.

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