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Why Baltimore?

Here’s a special post from the ULC Blog that answers the question, “Why did we buy Baltimore?”

“Right after the new year we announced the purchase of our third regional real estate office site in Baltimore City. Since then, we’ve been answering a lot of questions from our peers, associates, vendors and clients regarding our strategy,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We’re happy to share details on what we’re up to!”

Our new office will be in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore on a commercial strip known as “The Avenue;” our address is 831 W. 36th Street. It’s a two story commercial building surrounded by locally owned small businesses – it’s eclectic coffee shops, restaurants, shops and businesses. “The Avenue” is a favorite haunt of movie director John Waters, who regularly features Baltimore as the backdrop for his films. “Here’s a fun fact: One of our agents was checking out the neighborhood and has already run into and met John Waters on a random night,” commented Gerard. Here are some pics of our new spot.

Movie directors aside, why Baltimore? “A lot of signs point to Baltimore becoming a major thriving real estate market in the near future,” commented DiRuggiero. “As a brokerage, we’ve always targeted emerging zones, and Baltimore is a BIG one. There’s already tower cranes showing a lot of major development activity, residential housing prices are dirt cheap but on an increase, and the beginnings of major new retail destinations have already appeared.”


Tower cranes, increasing residential prices and new retail destinations already in place, with more on the boards. “We fell in love with Hampden the minute we walked down The Avenue,” said Gerard, “We’re surrounded by charming residential neighborhoods, are right near Johns Hopkins, and we’ve already been checking out new retail marketplaces like The Rotunda in Hampden, R House in Remington and the Mount Vernon Marketplace. It feels both ‘like DC’ but different, with its own unique urban charm. The main difference is the cost of real estate being MUCH lower.”

Expect more Baltimore news to come from UrbanLand Company! We have our own special Baltimore Blog for those who want to follow what’s going on, and news hits our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram constantly.

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If you’re a licensed agent and want to join in our DC and Baltimore expansion, call 202.759.4114 or by email. Don’t be a stranger! We’re already recruiting agents for our Baltimore office to join those already in our group who will be participating up North. 

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Here’s some of the recent agent closings from our in-house leads program. We deliver close-able opportunities!

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