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West Baltimore Awarded “Enterprise Zone” Status for Renewal

West Baltimore was damaged during the city’s unrest in 2015 and has now been added to the city’s Enterprise Zone areas. Over 140 acres of land around Pennsylvania and North Avenues have been marked, along with 13,453 other acres of land around the city. Maryland’s Enterprise Zones have been used for years as a vehicle to spur investment, development and renewal in neglected and troubled areas of the state.

Enterprise Zone incentives include a 10 year tax break on incremental property tax bills and a $1,000 tax credit per new employee hired in the zone for participating businesses. There are additional state income tax credits available as well.

Among the incentives in the 34-year-old program are a 10-year tax break on incremental local property tax bills and a $1,000 tax credit per new employee hired in the zones. There are also state income tax credits given under the program.

The Enterprise Zone initiative has existed for over 34 years and has helped launch over $13.7 billion in capital investments in Maryland since 2011 alone. Over $32 million in property tax credits have been issued in 2016 already in 29 Enterprise Zone areas around the state.


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