Baltimore “Grand Slam” Mortgages

This program is not currently available. On August 12, 2015, the City of Baltimore and State of Maryland announced a joint effort to make home buying easier in Baltimore. The city and state combined put up $3 million to fund financial incentives including Down Payment Grants, Tax Credits, Lower Mortgage Interest Rates and Lower Loan Administrative Fees.

Program History

This was a limited program and test initiative that started in 2015 and ended soon after.  The total amount of funding available was only $3 million to fund the various incentives. The assistance funds quickly became exhausted due to the popularity of the program.

The program is very similar to the wildly successful Prince Georges County Triple Play and Double Play Programs, which made available multiple incentives in Prince George's County for a limited time. Over $5 million in funding was spent to finance First Time Home Buyer incentives in Prince Georges County over a 6 month period.

Home Buying Programs for Baltimore: Now Under The Maryland MMP Program

Programs like Grand Slam are now run under the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP). UrbanLand Company agents have been helping home buyers successfully navigate local buying programs for years. We've represented over $41 million with successful zero down home purchases using available special financing in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Get help now!

For current programs, check out:

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