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Wake up, 2017. It's Time to Buy a Home

Did anyone make a New Year's resolution to stop renting this year and become a home owner? It's easier than you think in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. 

"Welcome to 2017. Some of you may have been reading the news since November and have noticed that interest rates have gone up," commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. "The Fed's prime interest rate has gone up with a corresponding raise in the interest rates of mortgages. It's not the end of the world - rates are still EXTREMELY low compared to historical records." 


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It's never been a better time to buy your first home...or move up to a new home. Mortgage interest rates on 30 year mortgages have increased but are still below 5%, while rents keep rising. We're full-service real estate agents that help you understand, qualify for & optimize your mortgage to match your real estate goals.

Our services are free to you until we successfully help you find and purchase a home. We work hard for all budgets & price points!

Available Down Payment Assistance:

DPA loans typically carry higher interest rates than conventional mortgages.

*Rates are based on Freddie Mac's weekly survey of national 30 year mortgage rates. Actual rates may vary based on location & a variety of personal factors. Wondering what to do? Attend our Free Workshops or Ask A Question!

Interest rates on a 30 year mortgage have increased to 4.32% from some lenders around the country. There's nothing you can do about this increase and there's no need to stress about it. All the rate increase means is that the amount of money that you can spend on a home will be less than it was last year. "Interest rates on the mortgage directly influence the amount of your monthly mortgage payment. The way to counteract the increase is to spend less when you purchase the home," continued Gerard.

You can check the amount of home you can afford to purchase right here, and you can see what that price would cost you per month in mortgage payment using our Calculator below. We also can provide you with an official Pre-Loan Estimate without running your credit report; this Estimate gives you a much more accurate representation of your real-world ability to buy.

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[mortgage interest_rate="4.32" price_of_home="300000" down_payment="20" mortgage_term="30"]

Now that you've picked up a little more info on buying a home, there's a smart way to get really started on home buying. Check out our calendar of Free Home Buyer Workshops below. 

Our Home Buyer Workshops have produced over $41 million in successful home sales since just 2013 for area home buyers using our guidance & representation. We can help you, too!