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The Different Values of Real Estate Leads

Lead generation has become such a buzzword for anyone working in high end, sales driven industries like real estate,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company.  “As a local brokerage with our own successful lead generation program, we wanted to give some insight about ‘lead value’ in real estate. Agents may find this useful!”


UrbanLand Company Lead Generation Program Reaches $7.98 Million in Agent Sales in Just 7 Months of 2015

“Lead Generation in real estate is a complicated affair, particularly for teams of agents or for agents that operate without formal brokerage marketing support,” continued DiRuggiero. “There’s a fine balance between quantity of leads vs. the quality of the leads. Any agent with cash in their wallet can set up advertising or lead buying from national portals like Zillow or, and even some of the larger private blog websites offer agent advertising and lead opportunities.”

Do purchased online leads close? A certain percentage of leads from places like Zillow WILL respond and work with you as an agent. “It can be a dishearteningly small percentage of leads that actually engage with you as an agent. A lot of the leads never respond at all, and mainly it’s because they are shopping around and putting their information into multiple portals. As an agent, you’re in a not-so-level playing field. As time goes on, the advertising gets more and more expensive for the agent,” continued DiRuggiero. “We do find that brokerages investing in entire teams of appointment setters and follow-up personnel often CAN succeed in converting purchased leads into appointments, but it takes a lot of resources and focus, and the conversion ratios can still be small.”

The best method of quality control in lead generation is to generate all of your leads in-house. “This can severely limit your quantity, unless you and your team get very good at identifying channels, developing content and pursuing niches. “We have a multi-tiered approach that uses social media, huge email lists, Google Organic and live educational workshops. It gives the UrbanLand brand enough reach and real estate credibility where area consumers can’t help but keep running into us. When consumers ‘find us’, they find consistency, frequency and our name literally everywhere.”

Does it work? “It’s working phenomenally well for the firm and our agents,” concluded Gerard. “I personally am conducting over 100 consumer Buyer Workshops per year, twice a week. These workshops are opening up valuable immediate relationships with high quality buyers that are ready to purchase, and just need help. It’s a great model, and we encourage any interested local agents to reach out to us.”

So, to sum it up:  1) Don’t buy leads from third parties unless you have an entire department to support you in chasing them down; 2) Focus on self-generating your own leads, but make sure you don’t fall behind on your ‘quantity of leads generated’; and 3) If ‘lead generation’ is of importance to you, affiliate with a brokerage who consistently drives leads for you and supports your continuing income growth.

UrbanLand Company operates in DC/MD/VA and runs an active Lead Generation Program in support of its agents. Our active consumer Workshops Calendar is available on our Facebook Events page. For more information on our Leads Generation Program, call 202.299.9223 or email

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