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Free Home Buyer Workshops are held Tuesdays at 5:30pm & Saturdays at 10am.
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Free Home Buyer Workshops are held Tuesdays at 5:30pm & Saturdays at 10am.
Free Buyer Workshops
Free Home Buyer Workshops are held Tuesdays at 5:30pm & Saturdays at 10am.
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UrbanLand Company Helps Homeowners Achieve Maximum Sales Prices For Their Properties

UrbanLand Company is a downtown DC residential real estate brokerage based off of the U Street Corridor. We are unique among most area brokerages – our background and sales volume derives from new condominium sales as well as the resale/retail markets.

This gives our firm unparalleled experience and the tools to help DC property owners achieve the maximum value for their properties. With a hot real estate market like today’s, the urge to sell immediately can be very tempting. Our agents are here to help you make Correct, Informed Decisions about how you handle any homes or properties you may own.

You would be surprised how a few simple things at low cost can really increase the Market Value of your home, meaning the projected price someone would pay for your home if they bought it tomorrow. Here’s how we maximize this perceived value with home shopping consumers, should you wish to test your home on the market:

1. Our broker and agents will visit your home to speak with you, walk the property, and quickly identify any “bad spots” that a buyer or negotiating agent may use against you, should someone wish to place an offer on your property.

2. Since a great deal of homes IN downtown DC are older, a few quick renovations or touch-ups can really create a far better first impression with a potential buyer visiting your home. We feel it is essential you create the best first impression possible, particularly for older properties that have historical charm, nice architectural accents, etc. Let your home’s unique features shine and justify a higher asking price without being jeopardized by cracked paint, broken trim, etc.

3. We routinely take care of easy and quick touch-ups in our agreements to sell your home – this can include things like fresh paint in certain rooms, new carpet, polished floors, repaired drywall, cleanups on the outdoor area, power washing the facade, etc. Our team is full service and can handle most minor touch-ups, and our network of approved contractors can take care of any larger issues.

You would be shocked to know how much some simple effort before listing a home for sale results in thousands and thousands of additional dollars in final selling price at the negotiating table.

4. If you’re an absentee owner (vacant property) or feel the home’s interior needs to be presented differently, we Stage & Furnish your property while it is for sale. Our work in the new condominium markets means that we maintain and own a supply of contemporary, stylish urban furniture suitable for any downtown home and price point. We typically stage and furnish every listing we can in order to make the space as attractive as possible to interested buyers.

These are some of the things we recommend when speaking to homeowners interested in our Full Service listings program. We want to achieve the highest possible price for your home should you need to sell. The market is extremely competitive and there are a lot of savvy buyers and investors with very skilled negotiators working for them as agents. Should you need to sell, you certainly don’t want to be taken advantage of during the offer and negotiation process.

Let UrbanLand Company take care of all aspects of the sale of your property, and you’re given a strategic advantage at the negotiating table. Email or call 202.299.9223 for more information or assistance.

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