Here’s a Random Sample of ULC Agents’ Closed Sales the Last 6 Months

Here’s a random set of sales by UrbanLand Company agents in the past 6 months. “We’re showing a high degree of diversity in both price and area’s served over the last 6 months with our agents,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker.

The diversity and volume is being created by exposure to a large number of buyers that want to enter our pipeline. A lot of them are first time buyers and they come from a variety of incomes and job types. All have a real need for quality real estate help as they move toward that 1st home purchase.

“Our sales volume is only limited by the number of motivated agents that we have engaged in our Leads Generation Program. Our brokerage brand is very approachable to the general public, and that gives us a natural high attendance at events like our Buyer Workshops. Any enthusiastic area agents who want to build up their volume and momentum quickly should give us an email or call me at 202.299.9223. We’re looking for more dedicated agents who want to plug into our program’s success,” said Gerard.

Here’s some of the activity pulled at random! 

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